Mission: Improve the lives of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and their families.

Vision: An empowered generation of veterans who provide sustainable leadership for our country and their communities.

IAVA-Texas Mission:

Provide IAVA members in Texas the support needed to reach their potential as civic leaders and models of responsible American citizenship.  

IAVA-Texas will achieve this objective by providing leadership in three key areas:

  • Assistance  
    • Providing our members a community of peers.
      • Local support through IAVA “Squads” dedicated to social, service, success, or sports tracks.
      • Regular events
    • Linking members with resources/programs to address ongoing transition needs.
      • IAVA.org.
      • local resources and partner veteran service organizations (VSO).
  • Awareness
    • Support IAVA national awareness campaigns.
    • Increase local awareness of veterans’ issues.
    • Promote civic responsibility based on military core values.
    • Join with other-era veterans and civilian supporters to accomplish our goal.
  • Advocacy
    • Support IAVA national legislative priorities at the state and local level.
    • Engage public and private sector stakeholders and enlist their support.
    • In word and deed, promote ideals of equal opportunity, equal liberty, and shared sacrifice.

Our nation is increasingly polarized, fragmented and partisan.

Who better to reverse this trend and set a new standard of citizenship than those who have served in uniform?

Our nation looks to us for leadership.

We stand ready to lead again.